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Christmas Order Sheet

Christmas Order Sheet

Arrange a De’lish Christmas the Easy Way.

If you know just what you would like to order from our beautiful range of Christmas products, please fill in the form below and send it to us. We will email you back a confirmation or ring you if we have any queries.

Call De'lish on 9416 5916 to place an order over the phone or for any assistance putting a spectacular Christmas meal together.

Many of our Christmas products can only be picked up from the store on the 23rd or 24th December.

Please note in order to pack and process orders at this busy time of year we close our ordering system on the 19th December at 7.30pm.

We encourage all customers to place orders early to avoid disappointment.

Christmas Order Sheet

product description pack size price $ quantity total

Half Leg Unglazed Double Smoked Ham

4.5kg – 6kg $20.90

Whole Leg Unglazed Double Smoked Ham

10kg – 11kg $20.90

Jose Pereira Unglazed Whole Leg Ham

9kg-11kg $26.90

Jose Pereira Unglazed Boneless Leg Ham

6kg-7kg $32.90

Half Leg Double Smoked Ham - GLAZED

4.5kg – 6kg $28.90

Whole Leg Double Smoked Ham - GLAZED

10kg – 11kg $28.90

Boneless Jose Pereira Leg Ham - GLAZED

5.5kg-7kg $39.90

Spoonfed Ham Jam

385g $19.90

Honeycup Mustard

225g $14.90

C&W Tomato & Red Capsicum Relish

250g $14.90

De'lish Signature Mustard & Orange Ham Glaze

380ml $15.90

Boned & Rolled Turkey - Prepared & Ready to Cook

3kg-3.4kg $220.00

Temperature Thermometer


Small Boned & Rolled Turkey

2.4kg – 3.2kg $79.90

Large Boned & Rolled Turkey

4.4kg – 5.2kg $79.90

Cooked & Stuffed Turkey

4.2kg $165.00

Cooked & Stuffed Turkey

6kg $209.00

Turkey Buffet Platter

Each $220.00

Sunshine Meats Roast Turkey Buffet Full buffet

4-5kg $42.90

Sunshine Meats Roast Turkey Buffet Half buffet

2-2.5kg $42.90

De'lish Famous Christmas Gravy

500ml $17.90

Phillippa’s Cranberry & Orange Sauce

250g $15.90

Mumma Made Mulled Cranberry Sauce

300g $14.90

Mumma Made Christmas Chutney

300g $14.90

Jewel Cranberry Jelly

260g $15.90

Jewel Red Currant Jelly

260g $15.90

De’lish Cooked Christmas Stuffing Log

750g $32.90

De'lish Uncooked Christmas Stuffing

375g container $17.90

Boned & Rolled Chicken

Approx. 600g $60.00

Roast Pork Loin

1.5kg – 2.5kg $59.00

Peter Watson Spiced Apple Sauce

250ml $17.90

TGK Spiced Pear Chutney

360g $19.90

Mumma Made Beetroot Relish

300g $14.90

Pork Chipolatas

500g $17.90

Chargrilled Chicken - Hoi Sin

200-300g per piece $49.90

Roasted Whole Duck

Each $59.00

Peach of The Vine Nectar (for Champagne Cocktails)

1L $26.90

Kapiti Elderflower Cordial - For Champagne Cocktails

750ml $15.90

Ocean Trout - Single Fillet Plattered

1kg-1.25kg $139.00

Ocean Trout – 2 Fillets Plattered

2kg-2.5kg $278.00

Ocean Trout – Whole Roasted Fish

2kg – 3kg $89.00

Huon Premium Sides Smoked Salmon

1kg $96.00

Woodbridge Smoked Ocean Trout

200g $33.90

Brilliant Food Gravlax

100g $15.90

Brilliant Food Smoked Trout Rillette

200g $20.90

Brilliant Food Smoked Kingfish Rillette

200g $20.90

De’lish Horseradish Cream

225g $14.90


180g $16.90

Doodles Creek Lime & Dill Mayonnaise

300ml $15.90

Avruga Caviar

120g $69.00

Pumpkin & Chickpea Salad

550g $21.90

Pumpkin & Chickpea Salad

2.5kg $95.00

Red Quinoa Salad

550g $21.90

Red Quinoa Salad

2.5kg $95.00

Potato Salad

550g $21.90

Potato Salad

2.5kg $95.00

Beetroot, Baby Spinach & Hazelnut Salad

550g $21.90

Beetroot, Baby Spinach & Hazelnut Salad

2.5kg $95.00

Couscous Salad with Roasted Vegetables

550g $21.90

Couscous Salad with Roasted Vegetables

2.5kg $95.00

De’lish Famous Rice Salad

550g $21.90

De’lish Famous Rice Salad

2.5kg $95.00

Christmas Pudding

500g $41.90

Christmas Pudding

1kg $79.90

Christmas Pudding

2kg $149.00

De'lish Brandy Anglaise

440ml $19.90

De’lish Brandy Butter

280ml $18.90

Serendipity Ice Cream Pudding

700ml $29.90

Serendipity Individual Chocolate Coated Ice Cream Puddings

Box of 4 $29.90

Serendipity Ice Cream Pyramids - Splice Island

Box of 4 $36.90

Serendipity Ice Cream Pyramids - Raspberry & White Chocolate

Box of 4 $36.90

Nice Cream Pudding Ice Cream

750ml $19.90

Nicecream Vanilla & Brandy Ice Cream

750ml $19.90

Nice Cream Cointreau Ice Cream

750ml $19.90

De’lish Mince Tarts

Dozen $44.90

Phillippa’s Mince Tarts

½ Dozen $22.90

Phillippa's Christmas Cake

750g $49.90

Milano Premium Panettone

1.2kg $74.00

Gumnut Chocolate Coated Pudding

190g $22.90

Gingerbread House Kit


Gingerbread House - Small

Small $19.90

Gingerbread House - Large

Large $90.00

Phillippa’s Iced Gingerbread Trees

110g $22.90

Bramble & Hedge Christmas Nougat Gift Box

5 pack $25.90

Chocolate & Honeycomb Tree

500g $52.00

Reindeer Poo

400g $26.90

Winnow Salted Caramel Chocolate Baubles

pack $17.90

De’lish Panforte

400g $39.90

Far Meadow Lodge Marinated Baby Figs

400g $19.90

Batch by Batch Organic Muscat Soaked Figs

350g $22.90

De’lish White Sourdough

Loaf $9.90

Sonoma Soy & Linseed

Loaf $9.90

Sonoma Miche Loaf

Loaf $9.90

Sonoma Dinner Rolls

Each $1.30

Brasserie Bakers Loaf

Loaf $9.60

Brasserie Baguette

Each $6.50

Christmas Hamper One. A Little Bit of Christmas

Hamper $120.00

Christmas Hamper Two. A Little Yuletide

Hamper $159.00

Christmas Hamper Three. Beautiful Christmas Box

Hamper $250.00
Delivery charge to be added to the total

*Note: The above total is an estimate, as items like a ham will have a weight range eg 4.5kg to 5.5kg, therefore where there is a price, it is per kg

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